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Chestermere United FC is a volunteer run organization for promoting soccer for all ages in the Chestermere, Strathmore, Langdon, Indus and Calgary area. We are a very proactive club and actively pursues the best practices for all aspects of the game, including player skills, tactics, nutrition and injury prevention techniques.

Chestermere United FC believe that coach education is vital to the growth and development of our soccer athletes. All our existing coaches have minimum NCCP certification as well as CPIC clearance and are required to take the CMSA Respect in Soccer course. In addition all coaches are encouraged to attain higher levels of training both Provincially and Nationally.

Our fantastic group of volunteers are working with soccer players of all age groups, providing them with age appropriate level of coaching and sharing the culture and love for the game.

This makes Chestermere United FC one of the premier soccer clubs in the Calgary area!

Stoke City International Academy Partner Club.


Partnership with Calgary yacht Club


CUFC has partnered with the Calgary Yacht Club based in Chestermere with the intention to jointly promote sporting activity for all our members and residents of Chestermere and the surrounding areas.

We believe that our new working relationship will enable both organizations to grow and develop their programs and jointly facilitate the promotion of Club activities.

All CUFC members are expected to follow all the rules and policies of the Calgary Yacht when utilizing any part of the premises.

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Competitive League - CMSA

Under Age 11 (U10) & Under Age 12 (U12)



CUFC has various levels of competitive soccer for youth players 8 to 17 years old, which includes Intermediate and Advanced levels. Teams are usually split by gender and play in the Calgary Minor Soccer Association league (CMSA).
When there are enough players for more than one team within an age group, Player evaluations will be held prior to the season’s start. This allows us to place players on the team best suited to their ability.
You will be notified if evaluations will be held for your age group.
Player Game & Practice jerseys plus other kit and equipment are to be purchased separately, see info below, including mandatory Shin guards.

All players who register with Chestermere United FC will have a place to play. We do not turn players away, unless we do not have enough players to form a team. In the unlikely event that this should happen, all displaced players will receive a full refund and will be assisted in finding a suitable, alternative team, if required. 
NEW - for the Outdoor 2016 season CMSA will be introducing the single year age groups for U9 tier A and B, U10 tier A and B, U11 tier 1 and 2, U12 tier 1 and 2, U13 tier 1 and 2, U14 tier 1 and 2.
CUFC will ONLY place teams in single age groups where player numbers and ability levels will allow.
Mixed age teams will be placed in the higher age group.

Player Ages:

(From January 1st)
U11 - Players born 2005
U12 - Players born 2004


U11 & U12 League games will be played in CMSA and will be on a Home and Away basis. Home Games will be played at Chestermere High School wherever possible. Away games at fields within Calgary and surrounding areas. League format is initial Pre-season exhibition games to determine team levels, and then a Regular Season series of games to determine final league standings.
Initial team entry will be determined by CUFC.


  1. Tier I and II Pre-Season, Regular Season

  2. Tier I and II Fall Season (Optional)

  3. Post Season Play: Tiers I-II may lead to Provincial Competition. The first place U11 team in each tier can challenge the second place U12 team in the same tier to qualify for U12 Provincials

  1. Tier I and II will participate in a Pre-Season. At the end of the Pre-Season, Clubs may move teams they believe have been misplaced. Teams will then participate in a Regular Season. At the end of the Regular Season the top teams will advance to their appropriate Post Season Play. Formats will depend on the number of teams entered.

  2. Members may enter One (1) team in Tier I. Members may enter Multiple teams in Tier II. CMSA requests you rank your teams to assist in balancing groups if more than one group is required.

  3. U11 Tiers I and II may play any day of the week.

  4. All U11 games are played on community (club) supplied fields.


  1. Tier I- VI Pre-Season, Regular Season

  2. Tier I – IV Fall Season (Optional)

  3. Post Season Play: Tiers I-IV leads to Provincial Competition. Tier V leads to Inter-Cities, Tier VI leads to Outdoor City Finals

  4. Tier I – VI will participate in a Pre-Season. At the end of the Pre-Season, Clubs may move teams they believe have been misplaced. Teams will then participate in a Regular Season. At the end of the Regular Season the top teams will advance to their appropriate Post Season Play.
    Formats will depend on the number of teams entered.

  5. Members may enter One (1) team in Tier I. Members may enter multiple teams in Tier II – VI. CMSA requests you rank your teams to assist in balancing groups if more than one group is required.

  6. Tier V & VI Teams will be entered into Geographical Pre-Season Rounds whenever possible. Regular Season is City Wide.

  7. U12 Tiers I-IV may play any day of the week.

  8. U12 Tier V will play on Wednesdays and Sundays. U12 Tier VI will play on Mondays and Saturdays.

  9. All U12 games are played on community (club) supplied fields.


U11/U12 teams will have a minimum of two 90 minute training sessions per week and will have an optional CUFC Youth Academy (addition fee) session available.
The CUFC Goalkeeping Academy will be available to existing and aspiring keepers. Teams may have extra practice sessions if requested by the coaching staff.

ssions will be for 90 minutes and will be held outdoors at Chestermere High School Fields. Practice days and times are set by the Team Coaches and may vary due to league games and coach availability; however, we do strive to maintain a consistent time slot for each team.
Players are expected to be at practice 15 minutes prior to the start time.

It is not mandatory to attend every practice and game although it is a requirement that parents or players inform the Coaches of their absence prior to the event.

Players must be prepared to practice in inclement weather, so provision for rain and cold temperatures must be made. Players will NOT train when the weather is severe (i.e. thunderstorms or extreme cold).

U11 & U12 players are NOT permitted to be left alone at practice and must be supervised by a parent, older sibling, or other responsible adult.
Coaches are NOT to be treated as babysitters.


U11/U12 teams will play 7v7 in two 25-minute halves on a small modified field will small goals. There is no offside rule at U10, and unlimited substitutions are allowed. Player substitution will be at the referee’s discretion and are NOT made “on the fly”.

All U11/U12 games will continue to have the mercy rule in scorekeeping and this will be be a five-goal difference.

All U11/U12 games are played on community (Club) supplied fields. Referees are scheduled by the home organization.

Shin guards and cleats are mandatory at all games (and practices), and players must bring adequate drinking water. (approx. 1L)

All teams will play a minimum of 14# games through the season, plus any tournaments that are entered.

All tournaments are at an additional cost (except CMSA City Finals) and will require approval from the Club prior to the event registration.
CUFC actively participates in tournaments within Alberta, nationally, and internationally, to provide a continued and varied development environment for all players. 
CUFC will fund the entry fee only to one tournament per season per Youth team.


League Play and Schedule: U11 – U12 Tier I – VI – 4 Pre-season games, 10-12 Reg season games

Wed April 20, 2016 Schedules will be available on CMSA website
Sat April 23, 2016 Pre-season games commence
Sun May 15, 2016 Pre-season games end
Tues May 24, 2016 Regular Season games commence
Tues Aug 9, 2016 Regular Season games end (dates vary depending on Post season play)
 Fri Jul 8 to Sun Jul 10, 2016  U9, U10, U12 Tier VI, U14 Tier VI Outdoor City Finals
 Sat Jul 23 to Sun Jul 24, 2016  U12 – U18 Tier V Inter Cities
 Fri Jul 22 to Sun Jul 24, 2016  U12 – U18 Tier IV Provincials
 Fri Aug 12 to Sun Aug 14, 2016  U12 – U18 Tier III Provincials
 Fri Aug 12 to Sun Aug 14, 2016  U12 – U18 Tier II Provincials (Includes U12 Tier I)
 Thu Aug 18 to Sun Aug 21, 2016  U14 – U18 Tier I Provincials (Leading to Nationals)

Fall season leagues will commence in September 6th, 2016 and are in addition to the league play above.

Fall Season (Optional): U9, U10 Tiers A to D play 4 to 6 Games.

Fri Jul 29, 2016 - Fri Aug 26, 2016 -  - 

Tue Sep 6, 2016 - Fall Season games commence

Sat Oct 1 to Sun Oct 2, 2016 - Fall Cup 2016 Finals

Jersey's / Kit:

Game Jersey:
All players are required to have a Chestermere United FC White Club Jersey. 
These cost $65.00 and are to be used for games only. 
The Club Jersey can be used for multiple seasons, outdoor and indoor every year 
Club Jersey's can be purchased online on the CUFC Fan Shop:
For a sizing chart and overview of average shirt sizes per age group visit the Sizing Chart Page
Practice/Alternate Jersey
All U11/U12 Competitive players are required to have a black Adidas CUFC Practice/Alternate game Jersey. These jerseys will have your game jersey number printed on the back and will double as a change jersey should there be a colour clash with the opposing team at a game. All players are required to wear their black Practice Jersey to all practices. These shirts are made of the same material as our Game Jerseys and are available in long and short sleeve Adult sizes AS to AXXL. Practice jersey’s cost $30.00 for short sleeves and $35.00 for long sleeves and can be purchased at the CUFC Fan Shop:

Additional Kit
Black soccer shorts and socks are mandatory and are NOT provided by Chestermere United FC. Players can use their existing ones, or purchase new as required. There is no specific brand, but they must be black and soccer specific. (basketball shorts are NOT permitted.)

Shin guards and appropriate soccer footwear (cleats) are also mandatory and are to be purchased as required by the players.

Players must bring adequate drinking water to all sessions. 

More Details:

When Player Evaluations are required to create teams for an age group, the players within that age group will be notified and provided with the details.

Proof of Age
All players, regardless of age, must provide the Club with Proof of Age at the time of registration. This can be a photo of their Alberta Healthcare Card of Birth Certificate. Players cannot participate in our programs without Proof of Age.
If you have previously submitted Proof of Age, you do NOT need to re-send. 
A copy of a valid Proof of Age document can be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Player ID Cards:

U111 & U12 players DO require a CMSA Player ID card.

CMSA Photo Identification

By Appointment only dates - CMSA ID # required from the Club before booking - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mon April 11 – Thurs April 14 4:00pm – 8:00pm CMSA Office
Sat April 16 – Sun April 17 10:00am – 5:00pm Calgary West Soccer Centre
Mon April 18 – Thurs April 21 4:00pm – 8:00pm CMSA Office
Sat April 23 – Sun April 24 10:00am – 5:00pm CMSA Office
Medical Forms:
All players MUST complete and submit a CUFC Medical Form at the time of registration. Players will not be permitted to play without submitting a signed Medical Form to their Team Co-ordinator each season. Please see under “Our Club”, then “Forms & Documents”.

Code of Conduct:
All CUFC Members (players, parents, coaches) are mandated to adhere to the CUFC Code of Conduct and Core Values and are deemed to have read and understood all the CUFC Policies and Procedures as part of the registration process.

Volunteers are an essential part of our Club. Full training will be available to all volunteers interested in assisting with the teams by way of informal workshops. Other volunteer opportunities exist within the Club, so please check the Volunteer link on our website for a list of available positions.
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U12 Girls Excelsior - Winter Classic 

Gold Medal Winners Tier 3

Congratulations girls!!!!

U12 Boys Excelsior - Winter Classic 

Gold Medal Winners Tier 2

Congratulations boys!!!!

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