Coach Development.

Chestermere United FC recognizes that in order for our athletes to improve and develop, we must provide every player with a quality coach.

Our focus is on providing all our club coaches, including parent coaches, with continuous learning opportunities through internal coaching clinics and by formal external courses. i.e. NCCP, & CSA Excellence stream courses. Chestermere United FC strive to ensure that we meet the requirements of the CMSA, CSA & ASA with regard to fully accredited coaches.

Internal Coach Development is through coaching workshops and continuous coach mentoring from the Technical Director. This will ensure that our standards are maintained & improved, as constant support is provided to all coaches within the club. This philosophy also assists greatly with Long Term Player Development & retention of players through all programmes.

Coaching resources and technical guidance are the lifeblood of all coaches and Chestermere United FC provides all its coaches with information and assistance, where required, in order to provide quality coaching to all our players, regardless of age or level.

CUFC provides a Player Development Guide to the Club coaches for all age groups and our practices focus on separate aspects of the game for a set period to allow for adequate learning time. Sessions will vary between coaches within the period and sections will be revisited throughout the programme. Included within the curriculum will be SAQ training (Speed Agility Quickness) and goalkeeper specific sessions.

U6 & U8 Teams will have one practice & game per week structured via our circuit model with stations managed by our Junior academy Coaches. Each team U10 and above will have minimum of 2 training sessions per week plus their scheduled matches.

Regular coaches meetings are held with the Director of Coaching or Assistant Director of Coaching, to get feedback from each team & coach, to discuss club business from board and to offer assistance & support from the club. Also coaching clinics by the Technical Director, will be held periodically, all coaches are expected to attend where practically possible.

The Chestermere United FC is committed to Long Term Player & Coach Development to provide an enjoyable and structured learning environment to encourage the players of today and tomorrow to be the best they can be.