CUFC Style of Play

The Chestermere United FC approach.

This defines the “style” in which CUFC expects all our players to learn to play soccer.

All teams from the U6 to U18 will be taught to progress the ball up the field with crisp, short passes through various channels, while continuously retaining the ball. The ball should be passed forwards, sideways & backwards in order to achieve this aim.

At amateur level there is a burning desire for most players “to get rid” when put under pressure while in possession and subsequently “kick” the ball aimlessly away. 

We will encourage all our players to only play the ball over waist height when necessary and to move the ball in intricate patterns, with accurate and quick, one or two-touch passing, whilst being disciplined in their role on the field.

Our style involves intelligent movement and positional interchange, especially amongst midfield and is both defensive and offensive in equal measure – the team should endeavor to be always in possession, so the need to switch (transition) between defending and attacking is significantly reduced.

Keep the Ball & the opposition cannot score!!

Players with be instructed to dribble, pass or shoot and not to “kick” the ball.

Teams will be encouraged to constantly move the ball around the field, so that by the time the opposition gets there, the ball has gone to a team mate. The other team will end up desperate, and shattered from constantly chasing the ball. Players will be taught how to beat an opponent 1v1 and also to shield the ball in order to create space fro themselves and others.

Trying to be too direct whilst in possession usually leaves attackers isolated, so players will be taught to pass sideways & backwards, including to the goalkeeper. This will drag the opposition out of shape, and stretch them, to create space through & in behind their defensive line. It will also allow our players time to link up and support each other around the ball.

Our strikers will be taught to be very creative when moving into space, to force defenders out of position and open up the space behind for their team mates.

Our teams will employ the use of a high defensive line and use pressing defense when out of possession, so as to regain control of the ball quickly. In other words, defending from the same position that we lost the ball.

Most other teams have a habit of retreating frantically back to their defensive end whenever they’re caught in possession, we will attempt to do the exact opposite and push deeper up the pitch exerting even more pressure in an attempt to win the ball straight back. This will allow more successful counter attacks and enable us to create more goalscoring opportunities.

In order for our teams to play the Chestermere United FC way, our players will learn four areas of the game that are necessary for all players to evolve within the game.

Key Player Attributes:-

1. Technique       2. Game Intelligence

3. Tactical Awareness 4. Physical Condition

  1. TechniqueFirst touch, aerial control, ball striking, dribbling, skills etc.
  2. Game Intelligence - Positioning, movement, creativity, choices with the ball (dribble, pass, shoot) etc.
  3. Tactical Awareness - When to defend, when to attack, High pressure & Low pressure defense, formations etc.
  4. Physical Condition - Fitness, Agility, Speed, Strength etc.

The above attributes will define a players overall abilities and Chestermere United FC strives to teach all the skills necessary to achieve our aims and therefore play the Chestermere Way.

In statistics collated after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Germany, it was determined that a professional player will only touch the ball between 30 - 120 Seconds in a game lasting 90 minutes. This shows that it is often more important what a player does when they do not have the ball, than when they are in possession. 

Therefore Chestermere United FC endeavours to emphasize this aspect of the game and teach fast economic movement off the ball to all our players to achieve our goals as a club and to fully develop our athletes into all round Soccer players.

We do not ever pigeon hole our young players into defenders, midfielders or strikers until their overall soccer ability has be nurtured and has developed sufficiently that they are complete players. This is why players at most ages are encouraged to play various positions on the field, at different times to increase their knowledge of the overall game.

Chestermere United FC develops Soccer players for the future who will love the game and play for life.