CUFC Confidentiality Policy

Chestermere United FC takes seriously the protection of the confidentiality of our members, our Club, and our partners.  All volunteers, employees and contract workers who come into contact with such information must read and agree to the CUFC Confidentiality Policy.

Information refers to details, both verbal and written, relating to, but not restricted to players, parents, coaches, volunteers, employees, the Club and its partners.  This includes, but is not limited to addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, medical history, financial information, etc. All email addresses should be Blind Copied (Bcc) unless permission has been received from each individual to release their contact details.

All such information is to be treated confidentially and used or discussed only within the bounds of a described position in this organization.  

No material of any kind may be removed from the premises of CUFC, unless authorized to do so as part of described duties, or with the express permission or direction to do so from CUFC.

This same information is not to be used or discussed after someone has left their position with this organization.  This is excepted where such disclosure is consistent with stated policy or relevant legislation, including those that require mandatory reporting.

Any breach of this policy shall constitute grounds for, and may result in disciplinary action, including, but not restricted to termination of status with CUFC, including loss of membership, which may affect future registrations.