CUFC Social Media Policy 

Common Sense rules apply when using social media.

The purpose of using these communication channels on behalf of Chestermere United FC is to support the Club’s mission, goals, programs and sanctioned events, including Club news, information, content and objectives.

Prior to engaging in any form of social media on behalf of CUFC, you must receive permission from the Club by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When using an officially recognized social media channel, assume at all times that you are representing CUFC, as this is how your communication will be interpreted by others. CUFC is not seeking to restrict your use of social media, but to create clear lines between private and Club material and set guidelines where material relates to the Club.

Only authorized people may speak on behalf of CUFC. 

These persons include staff and Board members in specified situations only, through the express permission of the Executive Director. Staff who wish to express or transmit CUFC material need to seek approval through the Executive Director. If you are unsure whether you are authorized to post views on behalf of CUFC, you should contact the Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CUFC has the right to access any data lists that you accumulate while working or volunteering at CUFC.

When using social media, identify yourself and state that any opinions are yours and do not necessarily represent the views of CUFC.

Confidential or proprietary Club information or similar information of third parties who have shared such information with you on behalf of CUFC should NOT be shared publicly on these social media channels. Social media should not be used for communicating confidential or competitively or commercially sensitive information, without the express permission of CUFC.

Club information must be released through CUFC’s official Club social media accounts before others can publish such information through their individual accounts.

Questions or concerns regarding Club programs, events or functions will not be answered via social media. Social media is for information purposes only.  All relevant questions and concerns should be communicated through e-mail or phone calls only.

Social media should NOT be used for the posting or exchanging of information that has the potential to embarrass or bring CUFC or its related parties into disrepute.  

Do NOT contradict the Club’s own information.

Do NOT post or comment on discipline issues, legal issues, media-related issues or potential crisis issues without authorization from CUFC. Media search sites for controversial subjects and could use your posts in ways you never intended, including using you as a spokesperson whether you want you want this role or not. Only those authorized by the Executive Director can act as spokespersons for the Club.

Do NOT discuss or speculate on internal team or Club policies or operations.  You can contact the CUFC office to clarify information regarding the Club.

CUFC’s website and social media accounts may choose to post Club-related social media content generated by others, including coaching staff, parents, players and directors. CUFC’s main social media accounts can be accessed through the Club’s website and include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use common sense and good judgment when posting on social media.  Your statements could have an impact on you and CUFC’s reputation. Keep in mind that what you post or publish becomes public and permanent information and can continue to exist and be shared, even if you delete it.

Playing and competing for CUFC is a privilege, not a right. As a Club member, including player, parent, coach, volunteer and staff member, you represent CUFC and are expected to portray yourself, your team, and the Club in a positive manner at all times.

Do not use profanities or other inappropriate phrases or comments. Re-posting another person’s inappropriate post carries the same consequences as if you were the original poster.  Disciplinary action may be a consequence of inappropriate posts, so be certain that your post is suitable. Deleting an inappropriate post is advisable, but does not necessarily mean that disciplinary action will not be taken.

Quality affects how your posts are received. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Read your post before posting to be sure that it is appropriate and says what you are trying to get across in a respectful manner.  It may be helpful to have someone else read your comment before posting.

Do NOT post comments that you would not say in person. If you would not say something to a member of the media, do not post it on social media. 

You are accountable for what you communicate on social media.

Exercise discretion, thoughtfulness and respect for your peers, fans, opponents, coaching staff, Club staff and the Club’s supporters and community, including social media fans. Be aware of how your post will affect others.

Respect ALL ethnicities, cultures and groups, and always be conscious of how others will receive your message. Remember that your message is not bound by borders and is a permanent record.

What you post may affect your future. Carefully consider how you want people to perceive you before you give them a chance to misinterpret your information.  This applies to all posts, including photographs, videos and comments. Universities, scouts, professional teams, organizations, and potential employers all review social media sites as part of evaluating candidates for many roles.

Avoid disclosing personal details about yourself and others around you. This includes names, locations, and photographic details.  Others can use this information to gain access to you or the people with whom you are in contact.

Show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use or dealing of copyrighted materials, including CUFC’s copyrights and brands. If quoting someone’s work, quotes should be short excerpts only and must be attributed to the original author or source.  It is good practice to link to others’ work, instead of reproducing it.

CUFC’s logos, crests and/or visual identity cannot be used for personal social media without the Club’s permission.

Be as transparent as possible. If you post incorrect information, try to be the first to correct it and never intentionally omit information or cover up an issue. Correct errors quickly and respectfully, and use facts to do so.

CUFC will NOT tolerate disrespectful or offensive comments and behaviour, on-line or in-person, toward CUFC or opposition players, teams, coaches, fans and officials, or anyone else.


Violation of this policy is subject to investigation and disciplinary action by CUFC and may result in expulsion from the Club.

If you have any doubt about posting content on social media sites, please contact the CUFC office.  Due to evolving nature of social media, these policies and guidelines are subject to revision by CUFC.  We welcome feedback from our members to help keep our policy relevant.